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Q: How do we retain passion in life and still follow the teaching that we should accept all of life with equanimity?

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Book Briefs

Zen Master Sengai (Scheidegger & Spiess 2014) showcases the paintings of Sengai Gibon (1750–1837), the famous abbot of Shofukuji, Japan’s first Zen temple. Peter Jaeger’s John Cage and Buddhist Ecopoetics (Bloomsbury 2013) explores the ecological and Eastern dimensions of the work of the late American composer, writer, and artist John Cage (1912–1992). Himalayan passages (Wisdom 2014), edited by Benjamin Bogin and Andrew Quintman, presents papers written in honor of Hubert Decleer. Ian Harris’s Buddhism in a Dark Age: Cambodian Monks Under Pol Pot (Hawaii 2013) investigates the fate of Cambodian Buddhism under the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. Check out Sangyes Nyenpa’s Tilopa’s Mahamudra Upadesha (Snow Lion 2014), translated and introduced by David Molk. The Senjusho (Kanji Press 2014) is a collection of Buddhist stories from early medieval Japan dealing with questions of impermanence, karma, and renunciation of secular life. In The Backward Step (Whitlock 2014), Ben Howard incorporates fiction, poetry, social media, snow shoveling, and U.S. politics into his reflections on Zen practice, offering short and perceptive essays that are a pleasure to read.

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Book Briefs

  • Grains of Gold: Tales of a Cosmopolitan Traveler by Donald Lopez Jr. and Thupten Jinpa
  • Zen Anarchism by Fabio Rambelli
  • Family Matters in Indian Buddhist Monasticisms by Shayne Clarke
  • Buddhist Nuns and Gendered Practice by Nirmala Salgado
  • The Life of Longchenpa: The Omniscient Dharma King of the Vast Expanse by Jampa Mackenzie Stewart
  • Perspectives on Satipatthana by Analayo
  • The Illuminated Life of the Great Yolmowa by Benjamin Bogin
  • Eminent Buddhist Women edited by Karma Lekshe Tsomo
  • The Nirvana Sutra, Volume 1 by Mark Blum

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Book Briefs

  • The Tibetan Yoga of Breath by Allison Choying Zangmo and Anyen Rinpoche
  • The Shin Buddhist Classical Tradition: A Reader in Pure Land Teaching, Volume 1 by Alfred Bloom.
  • Most Intimate: A Zen Approach to Life’s Challenges by Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara
  • Stillness, Insight & Emptiness by Lama Dudjom Dorjee
  • Middle Way translated by Mark Siderits and Shoryu Katsura’s Nagarjuna
  • Tibetan Buddhism: A Very Short Introduction by Matthew Kapstein
  • Wake Up and Laugh by Daehaeng Kun Sunim
  • The Forerunner of All Things by Maria Heim
  • Death and Reincarnation in Tibetan Buddhism by Tanya Zivkovic

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Book Briefs

  • Like Cats and Dogs by Steven Heine
  • Padmakara Translation Group’s Treasury of Precious Qualities, Book Two: Vajrayana and the Great Perfection by Jigme Lingpa
  • Kakurenbo: Or the Whereabouts of Zen Priest Ryokan by Soto Zen teacher Eido Frances Carney
  • The Buddhist Schools of the Small Vehicle by André Bareau, translated by Sara Boin-Webb
  • Three Steps to Awakening by Larry Rosenberg
  • Great Treatise on the Stages of Mantra by Tsongkhapa, translated by Thomas Freeman Yarnall
  • Record of Miraculous Events in Japan by Burton Watson
  • What the Buddha Never Taught by Tim Ward
  • The Easy Path edited by Lorne Ladner

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