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Q: How do we retain passion in life and still follow the teaching that we should accept all of life with equanimity?

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Entries in Let's Talk (10)


Let's Talk: Can Buddhists Come Together on Climate Change?

Bob Doppelt

Climate change will devastate the global economy, cause widespread conflict, and displace millions of people—this is how the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change summarized its latest report released in March. Numerous other recent scientific studies have similarly sounded the alarm about the tremendous suffering that lies ahead if climate change is not addressed.

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Let's Talk: Cybersanghas—Do They Work?

Dosho Port meets with some of his students online

The Internet has transformed sanghas. Buddhists who have been geographically isolated with little access to teachers and senior practitioners for guidance now have teachers and entire communities at their fingertips. Informa- tion and opinions about dharma centers, teach- ers, and sanghas are also readily available to practitioners worldwide, effectively leveling the dharma field and deflating notions of specialness.

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Let's Talk: Is My Sangha Inclusive?

When reverend Kiyonobu Joshin Kuwahara asked himself that question, he wasn’t sure of the answer. So he decided to find out.

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Let's Talk: What are you doing to protect your Buddhist treasures?

Ann Shaftel says there are many things we can and must do to preserve sacred Buddhist art.

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Let's Talk: A Family Affair 

Sumi Loundon Kim presents a new model for family-centered dharma communities.

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Let's Talk: What Are You Waiting For?

Clinical therapist Tamara Kaiser asks why Buddhist communities have not adopted ethical standards long accepted by the rest of society.

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Let's Talk: It’s Time to Open Our Doors

I spent the year after college in an Ameri-Corps program that placed me in the Task Force for the Homeless in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. During my time there I served at several different transitional homes, emergency shelters, and soup kitchens. It was the end of a string of social-service work for me, which started several years earlier with volunteering at a Latino community center next to my college campus. I spent the summer before my senior year living in an intentional commu­nity that provides homeless services in Boston. Then I went to St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, on my last spring break to prepare meals for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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Let’s Talk: Can You Imagine?

Photo by Sabina Schulz Steele

Ralph Steele asks us to consider what a racially and culturally diverse American Buddhist community would be like.

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Let’s Talk: Get Ready for Conflict

Photo by Edward Daiki Cadman

Genjo Marinello says sanghas must take steps to prepare for ethical breaches and conflicts before they happen.

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Let’s Talk: A Necessary Gamble

Photo by Victoria Gerstman

There are many interesting and important voices that aren’t always heard in the mainstream dharma discourse. So in this issue we’re launching a new department—Let’s Talk—welcoming a broad spectrum of writers and readers to share their diverse experiences of American Buddhism. Lodro Rinzler kicks things off with his thoughts on why it’s essential to cultivate and support young dharma leaders.

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